TRANSMARINE INC., was establish to fill the gap of our local market, where the needs of Ship Owners and Off-shore Projects become integral to existence.
Today the marine industry requires qualified and competent personnel with understanding of shipping needs and operations with the ability to recognize and respond swiftly and creatively to meet all demands of the clients.
We take care of your orders in a fast and efficient way, offering you priority at your satisfaction, consequently your vessel and crew can now enjoy high quality products and services finally.
Our commitment is to make our standard offers more accessible and affordable for all clients, meeting the ever increasing challenges of today’s market.
Provisions and Bonded Stores
• Fresh and frozen provisions
• Canned and dry provisions
• Slop chest and bonded stores
• Beverages and soft drinks
• Laundry service and tableware
• Carpets and sofa covers

Engine Stores
• Spares for main and auxiliary engines
• Bolts, Nuts, Screws etc
• Insulation materials
• Lubricant oils and chemicals
• Marine Engine tools
• Steel, cooper, bronze materials etc
• Valves, pipes, fittings

Tech Stores
• Computer & Accessories
• Radio & Communication equipment
• Photocopy machines and accessories

Deck Store
• Steel wire ropes
• PP & Nylon Mooring ropes
• Safety & Lifesaving materials
• Medicine & First aid kits
• Nautical charts & Navigational lamps
• International signal flags
• Waterproof tarpaulins
• Dunnage, craft papers & plastic sheets
• Marine Paints & painting materials

Recharge Services
• Oxygen refilling
• LPG, Acetylene refilling
• Freon 404A, 407A
• Fire extinguishers

General repair services
• Crane repairs
• Electric motor rewinding
• Air conditioning system repair
• Refrigeration system repairs
• General repairs for deck and engines dept

General cleaning services
• Cargo hold cleaning
• Fuel tank cleaning
• Labor cleaning services


Preferred Agency for your Offshore supplies



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